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Weight Loss Goals

One big reason people fail when trying to change their diet/overall health is because they were not mentally ready for the challenge. So what should you consider before beginning a weight loss program? Check out this article below to find out.

Main Goals

Make sure your weight loss goals are something you can meet! The goals you set should be personal, trackable, and rewarding. A reasonable weight loss goal is two to three pounds each week.

Having a team to offer support and encouragement can be the difference between failing and meeting your weight loss goals. Making sure that your family and friends are ready to help you is crucial to your success. The Inspire Medical team is here to give you support, and offer the accountability you will need to meet your weight loss goals.

Losing weight does not end once your initial goals are met, weight loss requires you to change your lifestyle permanently. These lifestyle changes can be quite significant, your diet or exercise plan may be completely different from your normal habits. There are two important pieces to remember when maintaining your new healthy lifestyle. (1) Stick to the lifestyle modifications that the Inspire Medical team teaches you. (2) Maintain the correct range for your metabolic hormones.

Do you eat a large amount of food to handle stress? Do you have an underlying disorder that is linked to your eating habits? If so, these connections need to be eliminated before tackling your weight loss goals.
Have a positive attitude

Although reaching your weight loss goals can be hard, it should also be rewarding. Having a positive attitude will help you reach your goals!

Are you ready to begin your weight loss journey?