Inspire Medical offers solutions to wrinkles and fine lines on your face to help with signs of aging. These non-surgical solutions include BOTOX, PRP Microneedling, Collagen Regenerative Therapy, and Juvederm.


Microneedling procedures involve a dermaroller used by a professional that almost painlessly pricksy our skin. This process stimulates new collagen and skin growth.



BOTOX is a non-surgical, minimally invasive, injectable wrinkle muscle relaxer. It can be an effective treatment for fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, forehead, and between the eyes. This treatment is typically completed in 30 minutes or less, and your results can last up to four months.


Juvederm is a non surgical dermal filler used to address signs of aging in the face. Juvederm can target areas such as: Cheeks, Around the mouth, Lips Your doctor will inject the filler into the target area, and lightly massage the area to reduce swelling and ensure even distribution.

Collagen Regenerative Therapy

Collagen Regenerative Therapy (CRT) is a regenerative medicine process that restores tissues to their original function by forming a network of fibers, called a scaffold, to repair damaged tissue and facilitate cellular interactions.

PRP Microneedling

During the treatment, an Inspire Medical Professional will use a roller with needles to prick the skin and stimulate new collagen production.