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What is Fat Burning Injections?

What is metabolism?
What role does metabolism play in gaining weight? You may be surprised to find out the answer.

Metabolism regulates the energy that our bodies need, it is a system that never rests as all of our body functions require energy. We require energy to breathe, pump blood, digest food, grow and heal! When you eat or drink, your body combines what you ingest with enzymes to break them down to meet the energy levels our body needs.This is why when you exercise, your body breaks down food faster, and converts stored energy faster.

Food provides the body with most of the energy it needs, but that food also needs to be broken down. The process of food being broken down is called thermogenesis, and it takes about 10-13% of the energy you get from food to turn it into something to use.

The last process that burns a considerable amount of energy is physical activity. Running, biking, or playing with your pet burns energy, and the amount of energy each day can change. Physical activity makes up 30-35% of your energy requirements, it is the major factor that contributes to weight gain or weight loss.

To best understand how diet and exercise affects weight, think of metabolism as a scale. Your body is always trying to balance out the amount of calories coming in to the amount of calories coming out. If you eat a considerably higher amount of calories than what you burn every day, you will gain weight. This weight gain happens because the excess calories are not being utilized by your body, so your body stores the caloes for later.

What causes BMR to change from person to person?

People with larger frames and a larger amount of muscle will usually burn more calories. This also applies to the natural body functions like breathing, pumping blood, and food digestion.

As you age, your body burns calories at a slower rate, usually linked to slower hormone production.

Men tend to have a higher ratio of muscle-to-fat, so they tend to burn calories at a higher rate.

Metabolism in the body

The energy required to breathe, pump blood, and digest food is much higher than the energy required for exercise. The body’s natural processes make up about 70% of your daily calorie expenditure. The use of calories by your body for these natural processes is called basal metabolic rate (BMR) or resting metabolic rate (RMR).